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community bench
community bench, finalist at lg Hi-Macs, 2011

finalist at lg hi-macs

the product is exhibited in London, Paris, Cologne

"The Community Bench" is created for different communities to stimulate the connection between people

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music & chair
Music & store chair by Brani & Desi

Music & store chair

seat and listen

A furniture with functions to store, to sit down and as a piece of art.

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dancing chair
 Dancing Chair by Brani & Desi - store chair & lamp

Dance, Connection
Feeling & more

chair & lamp

Two chairs with functions of storing, seating and lighting.

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mesh! tree-leg stool
mesh! tree-leg stool by Brani & Desi


geometrics & colors

The idea comes from the bulgarian traditional three-leg wooden stool.

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love bench
  love bench - hi-macs

seating with love

to love

Through the “LOVE BENCH” the water body records the vibration of the words and influence to the human.

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up to date
up to date - by Brani & Desi - Babycrib, Nursery Furniture

Sleeping, Playing, and more

To Develop the Child’s Imagination

The design of a baby crib is limited by a number of requirements. If all of them are followed, it would probably result in manufacturing the common standard baby crib.

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Photography Cabinet
Photography Cabinet by Brani & Desi - storage, workplace

Photo and Work

Green, Lime & More

Industrialisierung, Innovationen, Informationszeitalter… Wie wär’s mal wieder mit Eiszeit?

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puzzle cabinet
 puzzle cabinet by Brani & Desi - storage, furniture

tO COLLECT my hobby


Modular Furniture - shapes that can be combined to create larger cabinet.

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